Creating an effective construction marketing strategy.

Creating an effective construction marketing strategy.

Creating an effective construction marketing strategy. 

We’ve already discussed the importance of advertising and lead generation for your construction business. If you haven’t already, we’d highly recommend giving them a read once you’ve read this post.  

A lot of businesses within the construction industry used to separate their sales and marketing teams. From experience, we know that the sales and marketing departments need to be working hand in hand to be the most effective.  

At Construction Growth Generator, we offer a full sales and marketing solution for businesses in the construction industry and built environment. This means that with our experienced team, industry knowledge and client’s expectations we can support companies that are looking to increase sales, improve brand awareness and get a good return on investment.  

We’re sharing some of our secrets with you on how to generate an effective construction marketing strategy and we’ve written an extensive post for you to use. 


Preparing is one of the most important parts of implementing a marketing strategy. You need to get the right team together to make sure you’re ready to pull off your marketing plan and reach the goals you intend to. Some questions to think about when you’re preparing. 

What is it that sets you apart from your competitors?  

Is there a specific goal in mind when you implement your construction marketing plan?  

As a construction company, where are you with your marketing/sales at present?  

We’d highly recommend doing your research. Analyse your competitors and see what they are up to with their marketing. Don’t copy them. It won’t look good. Work out what sets you apart from your competition. Focus on your unique selling points, what you want to achieve from your construction company marketing plan.  


Once your marketing team have come to an agreed objective. Your construction company needs to start thinking about who you want your target audience to be.  

For example, a construction magazine may want to target two different audiences. One, will be implemented to gain subscribers and readers of the magazine. The second, will be to gain advertisers and potential sponsors for the magazine.  

These two marketing campaigns will be completely different. Marketing plans aren’t a one strategy fits all in the digital age, so companies need to be clever and creative.  

TWEET QUOTE – Be a resource, not a sales pitch.  


Once you’ve agreed on your target audience for your construction marketing campaign. You and the team will have to sit down and decide on how you are going to reach that audience. This will depend on the seniority, business type and what you are trying to get from the marketing plan.  

Creativity is important in the construction digital marketing world and not something that should be brushed over or not thought through in detail. Some things to think about when deciding how you want to target your audience.  

How are you going to reach your audience?  

What type of content do they want to see?  

Who’s going to put the content together?  

What tools are you going to use for the marketing campaign? 

Will you outsource the campaign to a construction marketing agency?  

Gone are the days where you can simply buy data and send out a generic email campaign to a list of people and get any quality results or return on investment. With so many ways to reach your target audience it’s worth considering how you can use these ways together to create a campaign that works well. 


We offer a full marketing solution for those in the construction industry that goes beyond simply sending out an email or generic digital marketing.  

We believe that taking advantage of a combination of different marketing strategies, means that you can help your business create and pull off an effective campaign that brings the results you are looking for. 

There is a lot of things to consider when putting your marketing plan together. From email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, pay-per-click, SEO to telemarketing follow up campaigns and quality lead generation.  

At Construction Growth Generator we offer a full sales and marketing solution that includes all the above services and more. You can speak with our construction marketing experts by visiting our contact page or giving us a call.  


Once you’ve decided who you are targeting, what your company goals are and how you are going to implement your marketing campaign. Authenticity is key. This could be included in the creative aspect of the campaign and is a great way to promote your unique selling points, testimonials, answer FAQ’s or share insights from market research that you’ve carried out in the past.  

This allows you to add value to your content, shows that you’ve spent time carrying out research and finding out what works and doesn’t for your business and allows you to showcase your services, products or promotions to the right people, with the right message and have the right level of professionalism and personality.  

Now that you have the ability to plan and implement a solid marketing strategy, make sure you are using the right tools, programs and networks to do so. At Construction Growth Generator we can support your business with all the above.  

Whether you are looking to grow your brand awareness, introduce a new product or simply increase your sales. Pop us a message or give us a call to discuss ways in which we can work with you to achieve your marketing goals.