E-Mail Marketing for Construction Companies

Contrary to what you may have heard pre-& post the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 the role of targeted informative e-mail marketing is as important as ever in B2B markets, particularly in one where the audience often reads and accesses information out of ordinary office hours.

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E-Mail Marketing

The concept of somebody not having a business e mail address in this digital age is strange, but the fear of such people receiving masses of unsolicited, non-specific or legitimate interest communications is not. However, the two are perfectly in harmony when the right professional management is undertaken.

Construction industry related purchasers, specifiers and people seeking solutions to day to day challenges are always receptive to well targeted, informative communications that assist their day to day roles (why does CPD exist after all?).

Utilising professionally researched & well written communications to a clearly identified and agreeable target audience, with informative specific information to aid their busy roles, cut time wasted, or money expended is as relevant today as a decade ago. This is why, email marketing for construction companies is an effective strategy to generate high quality leads.

Email Marketing

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