How do you generate leads from a website in the construction industry?

How do you generate leads from a website in the construction industry?

How do you generate leads from a website in the construction industry?

If you’re working within the construction industry, chances are you’ll have a website for your company. If you don’t then it’s certainly something we would recommend getting. Depending on how you set the website up, you could reap the benefits of a well optimised construction website.

A lot of businesses are advised to set up a website to grow their online presence and to generate construction leads. However, it really isn’t that simple and there is a lot that needs to be done in the background to ensure your website is shown to the right people.

Generating construction leads can be tricky. With the amount of competition out there in the industry at present, it’s a constant battle to stay ahead of competitors and to make sure your website is ranking for the right keywords online as well as leading potential customers to your website.

There are several ways to ensure your website is ranking well and being shown to the right people. Both of which include some technical work and creative work to allow for traditional, organic search engine optimisation and that of paid search advertising.

These tasks can be overwhelming for a business that has no experience within the online lead generation or construction marketing industry. Usually a construction company will hire someone with experience or alternatively outsource their website requirements to a business with experience in construction and the built environment.

Why do you want to generate construction leads?

As a business, lead generation is vital to success. Especially within the construction industry where competition is high, and everyone is racing to grow their brand awareness online.

We’ve written a post about the many ways you can advertise your construction business and we’ve also explained the importance of lead generation for construction businesses. However, in this post we’re going to explain how to generate construction leads from your website.

As construction marketing experts we use our tools, experience and knowledge of the built environment sector to ensure our clients online presence is on top of its game.

Through various means of behind the scenes work, organic marketing through search engine optimisation and curating interesting, relevant content we can make sure that your website is appearing online for the right people.

Having a good source of genuine leads in the construction sector allows you to set up qualified meetings and conversations with key contacts. This saves your business time, and money when it comes to finding new opportunities to sell your products, services or materials to another business within the construction industry.

We’d always recommend using a construction specific marketing business to assist with your website development and construction lead generation. This is because they will have the knowledge of the sector, experience across different business types and know which keywords perform best and how to target the right contacts for your particular business.

How do you generate leads from a website?

This is the technical part that companies, such as Construction Growth Generator can support you with. Our team of account managers, developers and SEO experts can put the right foundations in place to allow your business to generate relevant construction leads straight from your website.

We can perform competitor analysis, plan relevant keywords, implement the right SEO (search engine optimisation) and assist with paid search advertising to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment with proven results.

SEO encompasses both technical and creative channels to allow higher search engine ranking, an increase in website traffic and growing a wider online presence. Pay-Per-Click is a form of paid advertising which enables your company to target those looking for specific keywords.

Whether you are interested in people looking for construction leads, residential projects or commercial developments, our marketing experts have the tools and knowledge to put together an effective marketing campaign, maximising results and providing quality opportunities.

It’s also important to think of the design of your website, whether to include a landing page, contact forms and other means for potential clients to get in touch and enquire about your construction services, products or materials. A prospect will be more inclined to enquire if there is an easy to follow, simple process that leads them to the right place.

There are a lot of things to consider when you want to start generating construction leads online. It’s not a simple task and it pays to use the right companies with relevant construction experience to support your business with its website needs.

If you’d like to know more about how our construction marketing experts at Construction Growth Generator (CGG) can help your business, we’ll happily answer any questions you may have regarding our construction lead generation and marketing services within the built environment.

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