Landing Page Design & CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

When you go to an airport duty free shop, both you & your colleagues may head to specific departments (perfume, drinks for example) & your experience is guided by your needs & wishes-think of this as the digital equivalent for construction related lead generation.

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Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimisation

On occasion people are surprised when we encourage a prospective new customer to not be directed to your website with their first prospective engagement. This is because your website may serve a number of different purposes and not all pages may have the highest chances of attracting the reader to make a enquiry or follow a specific ‘call to action’. This is where the use of specific Landing Pages may assist, augmented by CRO activity. Whilst it’s important to generate construction leads, converting them is crucial. 

In a Sales Lead generation funnel think of the ability to get people to your site, through SEO or PPC, as then leading to the need to make them act as you wish, and thus a ‘Landing Page’ is where you can steer your audience to an intended ‘call to action’ activity (e.g. make a phone call or complete a form) and do so by reaffirming that they are in the right place, with the correct prospective supplier who will meet and surpass their needs.

CRO will then take these successes and seek to constantly improve them and thus increase your numbers whilst at the same time lowering your cost expenditure per enquiry. It’s a prove scientific methodology that works, and have you ever met a person in the construction industry who didn’t want an increase in performance & results for no greater cost expenditure?-thought not!

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