PPC (Pay Per Click) & other Paid Search

This proven model of paid advertising online can generate new sales leads to your site, ad landing pages, within minutes of launch. But beware Google & other search engines can quickly soak up expenditure and budgets, so utilising proven experienced help to get results is self-funding typically.

Why wait? We can deliver a Return On Investment for your business fast.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Most people will know this best as Google Ads (previously called Google AdWords) but the same methodology is also available for paid searches on other channels such as Bing and Yahoo, although Google now dominates the sector. People are searching for your construction related services & products every hour of every day, and many of these prospective new customers can be directed to your business by careful management of a Paid Search campaign. Utilising a pay per click model whereby providers bid on keywords & search phrases identified as being used by their target audience, your business can receive quality sales leads quickly and efficiently, but beware! Just as Google and others can soak up your budgets fast so can PPC providers, if their knowledge, planning & campaign management is not sufficiently used. Keyword research, Landing page utilisation & ‘split testing’, on-going Conversion rate optimisation (CRO), Improving Quality Scores and other key parts of Paid Search knowledge & experience, added to specific & in-depth construction industry knowledge means that we can help you minimise costs whilst maximising results in new construction lead generation.
Pay Per Click

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