Our business title says exactly what we are as we like to be clear, concise and specific about where we believe our business skills & acumen can help others.

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We are experienced professionals with decades of construction industry related understanding.


Each partner of Construction Growth Generator brings a track record of continued success and achievement you are assured.

Results Driven

Just like you we understand that we are only as good as the results we achieve for our customers.

Why wait? We can deliver a Return On Investment for your business fast.

Construction Growth Generator

Our business title says exactly what we are as we like to be clear, concise and specific about where we believe our business skills & acumen can help others.

We are the pooling of resources and experience of two separate businesses-Digital Associate and Advanced Group who are near neighbours regardless of what their different phone number area codes may suggest (historic factors!). In early 2017 when the companies previously shared a different common location they assisted each other recognising that their skillsets were complementary, and their businesses whilst separate and distinct, had several overlaps & common opportunities. In late 2018 the move to larger premises by Digital Associate next to Advanced Group’s premises (they’d made the same move earlier) meant that the 4 partners picked up again and realised that the growth of each business in the intervening period had added much in capacity & capability, and that working together in the construction industry & related markets offered a huge opportunity.

And so, it came to be that Construction Growth Generator was formed, and the intention was to offer a complete lead generation & business marketing service for businesses involved in the wider construction marketplace, where 3 of the 4 partners had spent considerable time with proven results over many years. Whilst the difference in age between the oldest & youngest partners spans nearly quarter of a century, we all share a common passion & outlook to assist businesses in the construction sector in their growth and offer a complete support function for every aspect of our customers’ sales pipelines.

Mike, Simon, Ian & Chris, and their colleagues, look forward to working with construction industry businesses wanting to grow, and seeking the professional partners to help generate that growth, and utilise the full marketing resources and experience available to do so.

We welcome any enquiry and are happy to chat without obligation or expectation, as the passion & drive to succeed together is something that we are proud to demonstrate to any interested prospective partners.

Our Services

Pay per click

Pay Per Click

This proven model of paid advertising online can generate new sales leads to your site, ad landing pages, within minutes of launch. But beware Google & other search engines can quickly soak up expenditure and budgets, so utilising proven experienced help to get results is self-funding typically.

SEO service


When you want prospective customers to find your website above others and tap into what led them there in the 1st place, and to keep replicating and improving the process, you’ve understood the basics of SEO.

appointment schedule

Appointment Scheduling

At Construction Growth Generator our account managers only deliver highly qualified appointments, scheduling meetings for your sales teams to attend with key decision makers within target companies and projects you want to be involved with.

Social Media Linkedin service

Linkedin marketing & social media

How many people do you know who don’t use a smart phone or a desktop PC to keep updated about their peers, colleagues & competitors in the construction industry? It’s quite probably a small number, so why not utilise that fact to your benefit? 

Enquiry Generation service

Enquiry generation

Whether it is at Tender or On-Site (live) stage Construction Growth Generator can deliver your company the opportunities you want to price for with the construction companies who are involved with crucial developments across the UK.

email marketing service

Email Marketing

Contrary to what you may have heard pre & post the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 the role of targeted informative e-mail marketing is as important as ever in B2B markets, particularly in one where the audience often reads and accesses information out of ordinary office hours.

CRO service

landing page & conversion rate optimisation

When you go to an airport duty free shop, both you & your colleagues may head to specific departments (perfume, drinks for example) & your experience is guided by your needs & wishes-think of this as the digital equivalent for Construction related lead generation.

Product launch service

Product Launches

Take advantage of our proven project managed marketing strategy specifically designed to provide return on investment when breaking into new markets, countries and new product ranges in saturated marketplaces.

web design icon

Web Design

We can ensure that marketing your construction company website is done the right way, through effective design and development along with tailored search engine optimisation.

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